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Use our skills to resolve your key problems

We help companies by:

  • Identifying strengths & weaknesses in operational areas & processes
  • Recommending ways to rectify identified weaknesses
  • Assisting with the implementation of those recommendations
  • Monitoring the improvements made
  • Companies are under constant pressure to improve their performance and consultants are very often able to assist in the process.

A consultant can offer an objective view on different aspects of a companies operation, and can sometimes spot weaknesses that the management has overlooked, or not got the skills to rectify.

In other instances, the consultant can bring a wide range of experiences to bear on a particular set of circumstances, which more often than not, give management a range of options not previously available.

Human Resource Development

Many expanding small to medium sized businesses today find Human Resource issues a matter of increasing concern, both from a legal point of view and a desire to maintain staff satisfaction. Simple matters handled correctly and efficiently at the start can prevent serious and costly grievances later. Some companies trust to luck but it is prudent to be aware of what is required and to build in good practice at an early stage in the employer–employee.

Lean Management Thinking

At any point in time, every business is likely to be implementing ‘change’ and embarking on new initiatives of one kind or another. The problem experienced for many is getting these changes and initiatives to work, and to stick. The issue for many lies in progressing from paper-based plan to real implementation, involving real people, in ‘live’ operational areas. The Lean Management Thinking Programme works with teams of key employees involved at the cutting-edge of day-to-day business operations, who are close to the reality of how it is, what is working and what is not working. The majority of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs can be found within day-to-day operational practices. LMT terms these as waste that generates non-value adding activity and downtime.

Rosewood Management Services have a great deal of experience assisting companies to implement IT systems in manufacturing areas. Aspects such as production planning and control, stock control, bills of material etc. can sometimes appear daunting to companies not used to the benefits that IT can bring.

Applying six sigma concepts and proven business improvement techniques – we will make a significant difference to your business.

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