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What is the Lean Management Accelerate programme?

The Lean Management Accelerate programme is a philosophy that can be developed by any size and type of business. The Lean Management Thinking Product develops employees to understand and use tools and techniques that:

  1. Investigates how key processes, systems and people currently operate to meet key business measures
  2. Proposes and then implements more efficient and more effective means of achieving key business measures

Why Lean Management Thinking?

At any point in time, every business is likely to be implementing ‘change’ and embarking on new initiatives of one kind or another. The problem experienced for many is getting these changes and initiatives to work, and to stick. The issue for many lies in progressing from paper-based plan to real implementation, involving real people, in ‘live’ operational areas. The Lean Management Thinking Programme works with teams of key employees involved at the cutting-edge of day-to-day business operations, who are close to the reality of how it is, what is working and what is not working. The majority of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs can be found within day-to-day operational practices. LMT terms these as waste that generates non-value adding activity and downtime.

How do we help companies?


  • Delivering the training necessary for managers & employees to embark on a Lean Programme
  • Assisting employees to identify inefficiencies & unnecessary costs
  • Providing consultancy support to ensure that the cross-functional teams achieve the savings & objectives of the projects
  • Reporting to management on the results of the projects

View some of our case studies:

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