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RKMS are a well established modern progressive company aiming to provide clients with a service that enhances business and enables them to grow.

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We provide training and ISO consultancy services and training in Business Improvement, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Management, Business Continuity and Information Security

RKMS offer a professional ISO consultancy service and provide a cost effective alternative to employing a full time Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety Professional.

Working closely with clients to ensure they receive the appropriate level of support to achieve their goal, whether this be certification to an ISO standard or an update of a current management system clients receive a personal, friendly and professional service. Our product portfolio is extensive and we cover almost every ISO standard that organisation may want certification.

ISO Consultancy – IRCA Registered Auditors

Our service allows clients to concentrate on their business while procedures are put in place to ensure effective management of quality, environmental and health & safety issues.All our consultants are IRCA registered auditors in a relevant discipline and professionally qualified with extensive experience of consultancy/training delivery.

Supported Standards

Please click on the standard you are interested in below to get more information.

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 14001 Environment Management
ISO 20121 Sustainable Events
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management
ISO 22301 Business Continuity
ISO 27001 Information Security
ISO 45001 Occupational Health
ISO 50001 Energy Management
ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality
AS9100 Certification Aerospace
BS EN 1090-1 CE Struct. Steel
BS 76000 HR Valuing People
National Highways Sector
British Approvals Fire Equip.
HACCP – Hazard Analysis CCP

ISO 9001 Cost


ISO 9001 Cost | ISO 9001 Certification Cost | ISO 9001 Accreditation Cost | UK | Certification How Much Does ISO 9001 Certification Cost In The UK? When considering the creation of new quality management approaches, businesses ask themselves how much does ISO 9001 certification cost. However, it is not possible to

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ISO 9001 Consultancy & ISO 9001 Consulting


ISO 9001 That Delivers Cost Effective, Easy Use Systems  ISO 9001 Services Delivering Economical ISO Certification Our ISO 9001 services always endeavours to establish how your organisation operates in its transactional setting and then we develop an ISO quality management system

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ISO 9001 Consultant


ISO 9001 Consultant Providing Real Benefits With User Friendly Systems! ISO Experts Providing Quality Systems & Cost Benefits The RKMS ISO 9001 consultant approach is to understand how an organisation operates. Then working closely with nominated personnel, our consultant will help develop

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ISO 9001 Consultants


ISO 9001 Services Delivering User Friendly Systems With Real Benefits! ISO Services Securing Cost Benefits & Quality System Certification The RKMS consultancy establishes how the business operates and develop ISO quality management systems around this, rather than providing a system that

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ISO 23001 Consultants


ISO 23001 Consultants - Timely Certification & Economical ISO 22301 ConsultantsISO 22301 Business ContinuityThe ISO 22301 Business Continuity standard outlines requirements for setting up and managing an effective a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)This is a rapidly emerging standard and the expected take-up of

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ISO 22000 Consultants


ISO 22000 Consultants - Economical Certification  ISO 22000 Consultants ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Based on the fundamentals of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 is a relatively new standard created specifically for the food industry The ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

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ISO 20121 Sustainability Consultants


ISO 20121 Consultants - Timely & Economical Accreditation  ISO 20121 Consultants ISO 20121 Sustainable Events Certification to ISO 20121 sustainable events demonstrates to customers that you take a serious commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability. The ISO 20121 sustainable

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ISO 50001 Energy Management Consultants


ISO 50001 Consultants - Delivering Economical Certification & Value ISO 50001 Consultants ISO 50001 Information Security Management System The Standard of requirements which deal with the energy impact of your organisation With ever increasing legislation such as the Climate Change Levy, Carbon

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ISO 27001 Information Security Consultants


ISO 27001 Consultants - Economical Accreditation & Value Added ISO 27001 ConsultantsISO 27001 Information Security Management SystemThe only auditable international standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).The standard is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate

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ISO 45001 Consultants


ISO 45001 Consultants - Economical Certification & Added Value ISO 45001 Consultants ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Systems ISO 45001, the Occupational Health and Safety Management systems standard has replaced OHSAS 18001. Issued in March 2018, any organisations certified to

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