Business Improvement Apprenticeships – OFSTED Monitoring

From October 2018, Ofsted undertook to carry out monitoring visits to all newly directly funded providers of apprenticeship training provision which began to be funded from April 2017 or after by ESFA and/or the apprenticeship levy.

This monitoring visit was undertaken as part of those arrangements and as outlined in the ‘Further education and skills inspection handbook’, especially the sections entitled ‘Providers newly directly funded to deliver apprenticeship training provision’ and ‘Monitoring visits’.

The focus of these visits is on the themes set out below.


  • How much progress have leaders made in ensuring that the provider is meeting all the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision?
  • What progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that apprentices benefit from high quality training that leads to positive outcomes
    for apprentices?
  • How much progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place?

RKMS were found to be making reasonable progress in all 3 theme areas.

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