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ISO 9001 consulting


ISO 9001 consultancy


ISO 9001 Services Delivering Economical ISO Certification

Our ISO 9001 services always endeavours to establish how your organisation operates in its transactional setting and then we develop an ISO quality management system that is sympathetic with this, as opposed to creating a system which forces the organisation to change how it operates.

The RKMS approach to quality management is to provide innovative ISO 9001 services in order to ensure that organisations acquire their certification  in a very timely and coat effective manner.

In addition to our vastly experience ISO 9001 team, we achieve this by deploying our ISSOSmart – QMS management system. This is Microsoft based and allows all our clients to gain full real time access to with documentation that can be edited as easily as an MS Word document can.

For our clients’ benefit, the RKMS ISO services achieve this by working with clients to :

  • enable their organisations to create & document its systems to acquire certification
  • revise & simplifying current quality management systems
  • conduct internal review audits & attend management reviews
  • modify current QMS systems making them easy to understand and use by being ‘process based’
  • integrate ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 45001 management systems

ISO 9001 consultancy 2

All our consultants have years of experience of implementing and assessing quality management systems and many of them are IRCA qualified Lead Auditors.

To date, we have a 100% certification success rate in achieving the standard in industries as diverse as Local Authorities to highways maintenance.

6 Straightforward Steps To Achieve ISO 9001 Accreditation

Step 1

Assessment Of Client Requirements

Within 24 hours of making an enquiry, a representative from our ISO 9001 services will make contact to investigate your requirements including your company background, products and services, facilities and when you need to achieve certification.

Step 2

An Assessment Of Your Systems

After you have engaged our ISO 9001 services, a consultant will meet with you to explore your organisation’s processes, identifying and creating documentation of them followed by a thorough ISO 9001 standard variance analysis.

Step 3

Assessment Of Your Working Practices

We will make recommendations regarding the activities needed to comply with ISO 9001 in your organisation and work with your staff to align your systems and processes with this standard and in addition, recommend appropriate bench marking practices for you.

Step 4

Establishing Your Quality Management System

Designated members of your team will receive training covering the use of the RKMS IssoSmart system which provides “hands on” coaching in the use of the system use and a complete set of training materials.

One of our 9001 consultants will collaborate closely with your ISO team to timeline, plan and carry out the l requisite ISO 9001 project implementation activity. Afterwards, a comprehensive set of ISO 9001 documents are created to formalise the quality management system.

Step 5

Gaining ISO 9001 Certification

Circa 4 months following implementation, we will carry out audits on your organisation’s processes and systems in order to determine whether your working practices now comply with ISO 9001. Another meeting will be held to review progress with the management team determine if any remedial activity is needed.

After your new QMS is compliant with ISO 9001, RKMS ISO 9001 services will organise an official assessment by an independent UKAS certification body. Then a formal registration certificate will be issued if the external audit is a success.

Step 6

Training Your Staff To Become Auditors

Nominated members of your organisation will receive Effective Auditing and Inspection training and be certified to HABC Level 3 Award.

ISO 9001 Services Helping Its Clients Obtain Cost Effective Certification

iso 9001 consulting 2RKMS ISO 9001 services helps its clients build their quality management and then obtain ISO 9001 certification. In the last 20 years, RKMS has worked with several hundred organisations across a wide variety of industries to acquire ISO certification.

ISO 9001 provides a process driven, systematic way of managing your organisation’s quality management. As a trusted ISO 9001 consulting firm, RKMS supports your organisation to ensure that it meet the needs of your clients,  customers and stakeholders to deliver consistent levels of satisfaction through good quality.

ISO 9001 is proven to make organisations have greater control of their working practices by ensuring all staff in the organisation are clear about their roles and deliverables, whilst having the ability and authority to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

ISO 9001 Services – Timely Certification & Process Improvement

ISO 9001 provides real benefits from its quality management system methodology. It can be deployed by any type of organisation eg:

  • electronics
  • aerospace
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • energy
  • information technologies
  • entertainment
  • transport & distribution
  • health care
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical

The ISO 9001 standard has been taken up by more than one 1 million organisations who are now certified and recognised all around the planet.

ISO 9001 has definitive provisions that ISO 9001 services firms deploy creating, managing and maintaining and management of robust quality management systems. ISO 9001 quality management systems empower organisations to deliver more effective management as well as better control of its systems and processes for the provision of improved products and services.

The expertise and experience of professional ISO 9001 services like RKMS helps organisations to grow their customer base because it helps improve the manner in which an organisation operates in order to continually surpassing their customers needs.

As an example, ISO 9001:

– facilitates organisations’ access to trade to more and more markets around the planet
– better enables acquisition of more service users, clients & customers
– improves the confidence your clients have in your organisation
– enables the reduction of waste & direct costs 
– improves operational profitability

1.  Customer Benefits From ISO 9001

– services and products that exceed their expectations
– have greater cost benefits
– are easier to access when they want to purchase
– are more dependable & reliable 
– are easier to maintain

2. Employee Benefits From ISO 9001

– better process control and work flows management 
– improved safety and well being in the workplace
– improved working environment & conditions
– better morale & motivation
– derivation of enhanced job satisfaction

3. Society Benefits From ISO 9001

– better value delivered by services and products being purchased
– compliant with meaningful legal requirements

– improved well being & safety 
– lower environmental impacts
– security improvements

4. Investor & Business Owner Benefits From ISO 9001

– stringent internal audits 
– operating performance improvement
– growing market share growth
– greater profits
– improved ROI (return on investment)

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